Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen, Trials Fusion‘s epic multiplayer is now online!

Having already sold over a million copies of the maddeningly addictive motor-X game, Ubisoft last week announced that it was finally bringing the multiplayer online in the form of a free update, available to download now. Check it:

Enabling up to 8 players to go head-to-head in a good old fashioned ‘race-off’, the online multiplayer update also includes three brand spanking new game modes, including: Online X-Supercross mode, where up to 8 racers compete for glory over a series of 3 races; Private Game mode, for those of you who are a stickler for detail, where up to 8 players can pick which tracks they’d like to race on and customise those circuits parameters; and Private Game mode with Spectator, in which the Spectator has control over the tracks and the race parameters, though thankfully not the outcome. After inviting bikers to ride, the Spectator will also be able to stream their hosted races live via streaming platforms.

This all sounds good and dirty, but to churn up the mud a little more Ubisoft also released newly downloadable content Fire in the Deep a few days ago, just to make sure you fill that gas tank right back up. This new DLC contains 11 new tracks, 5 new achievements and trophies to unlock, 27 new track challenges and a whole host of new editor objects. Definitely worth wiping your bike down for.

Trials Fusion players with a Season Pass are able to download Fire in the Deep for free right this second, but never fear, those without will only have to fork out a measly £3.99 to get their grubby motor-X mitts on it. Alternatively, grab the Season Pass for £15.99 and gain access to Fire in the Deep plus all previous content packs, as well as the final two pieces of DLC, due for release in March.

Ready those engines, let’s get racin’!