Konami finally unleashed its classics Suikoden and Suikoden II titles digitally on Sony’s PSN!

Both games are regarded as classics of the role-playing genre, with Suikoden originally released for the first Playstation in 1997 and its sequel in 2000. They form the first two installments of a six-game series, with Suikoden following an unlikely hero as he attempts to locate the 108 Stars of Destiny, that are essential if he is to free his homeland.

Suikoden’s protagonist, who can be named by the player, is the son of the Great General, Teo McDohl. With his Father summoned to the front in Northlands, the player begins the game undergoing guard training in Gregminster. An old friend charges the player with protecting the Rune of Life and Death, one of the 27 ‘True Runes’ that govern the world, but circumstances then force the hero to flee the capital. He duly encounters a rebel band and embarks on a mission to find the Stars of Destiny.

Suikoden II expands the story via familiar themes and centers on an orphan called Hero, his friend Jowy and his orphan sister, Nanami. This unlikely trio find themselves in the middle of a war between the Highland Kingdom and the City States. Together, our heroes will embark on a journey that will question their preconceptions of life, society and war as they gather the updated 108 Stars of Destiny. The sequel also offers a unique magic rune and skills system that encourages players to perform combat moves with strategy in mind.

Some 18 years after the first game’s debut, both games return as part of the new PSOne Classic games collection for PS3, PS Vita, PSTv and PSP.