Since its creation in 2009, Kickstarter has gone from strength to strength. From financing one man’s quest for the perfect potato salad to helping bankroll the development of the ‘World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar’, helping to crowd-fund a project that you believe in has never been easier.

One of the great success stories of this new digital age of crowd-funding is gaming, or rather, of the amazing generosity of the community behind it. So many indie developers have seen their projects realised thanks to the kindness and support of those that want to see that developers game come to fruition that most financial targets are passed within just a few days – if not sooner!

OtherSide Entertainment is one of these companies looking for funding for their new title, Underworld Ascendant. They seem like a great bunch of guys who really want to see all their hard work pay off, not just for themselves, but for all the fans who’ve helped them get this far. Just have a look at the letter below from Paul Neurath:

“It’s taken two decades, and a few small miracles. But at long last Underworld is coming back to its fans! This morning we launched our Kickstarter for Underworld Ascendant.

Now you can see what our team has been working on over the past months. Head on over to the Kickstarter page and check out the video, the demo footage, and the details on what’s in the plan for the latest incarnation of the Underworld franchise.

We’re bringing back the classic single-player, immersive underworld adventuring that made the original great. But we’re also innovating. We’re pushing forward with our new Improvisation Engine; going deeper than any other game in creating a living, breathing world fantasy world hidden beneath the earth; trying out a new approach to co-op play with a friend, and more. The team here at OtherSide has set itself the lofty goal redefining the fantasy RPG for this generation of gamers, much as we did for the last generation.

Over the next few weeks we will be taking fans behind the scenes, revealing new gameplay footage and concepts, as well introducing you to the talented development team who are working hard to bring this ambitious vision to life.

But we need your help to make this all happen.

Joining us on this creative journey, and pledge your support on the Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter. Also please help spread the word far and wide.

Huge Thanks,

Paul Neurath

Founder | OtherSide Entertainment”

Told you. If you think you’d like to help them out, check out the short video below that they put together as well and, if inspired, head over to their Kickstarter page to donate now.