The post- apocalyptic, RPG, Bedlam will see fans stockpiling clean water, ammo and cybernetic upgrades, as Skyshine games and leading independent game publisher Versus Evil partner, to bring Bedlam to PC/Steam for a release date in summer 2015.

Bedlam is built on the foundations of The Banner Saga engine,Bedlam tasks players to command a motley crew of badass humans, mutants, robots, and cyborgs as they navigate the treacherous wastelands in search of the rumored utopia of Aztec City. By collecting powerful weapons and technologies on the way, players protect your passengers and alliances at all costs, because you only get paid if you’re alive!

If you are excited to see more of the brand new game from Skyshine, then take a look at the kickstarter video below to see if it is as awesome as you imagined.