Wargaming introduced the Imperial Steel update for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition which brings a brand new line of Japanese tanks to the game and a new map called Sacred Valley.

The Imperial Steel update adds thirteen new vehicles to tanker arsenals. The Japanese Tech Tree will initially field two branches with nine medium and four light tanks available for battle. Players can now command the following light tanks: the R. Otsu, the Ha-Go, the Ke-Ni and the Ke-Ho. Additionally, powerful Japanese medium tanks roll into the fray, with the Chi-Ni, STA-1, Type 61 Chi-Ri and more at tank commander’s disposal.

The new Sacred Valley map is an abandoned village at the bottom of a serene-looking valley provides great cover while offering the opportunity of intense, short-range skirmishes. The map is bordered by cliffs, and the advantageous high ground will let long-range gunners rain the destruction on any tank unlucky enough to enter into their gun sights.