If you played The Evil Within last fall, you might have had a couple of questions about Judi Kidman and her disappearance during the main campaign of the story. Well, those questions will start to be answered on March 10th with the first part of a two part DLC pack called The Assignment.

In The Assignment, we get to follow the exploits of Judi Kidman in a story that sidesaddles the main campaign, filling in the blanks for her character and what she was doing while Sebastian Castellanos was fighting off all manner of demons and possessed persons. In all honesty, it looks like she was doing the same thing as well, albeit in a different location. The Assignment will explore the character of Judi a bit deeper, uncovering some of the mystery behind her character, her links to the group known as Mobius and her own personal motivations.

Check out the new trailer for The Assignment DLC below, which will release the first part on March 10th for all platforms. The DLC will cost you $9.99 but if you have the $20 season pass, it will be included, netting you a nice 33% discount off the full price. The Evil Within is from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks.