Green Man Loaded have recently announced the brand new, addictive physics-based vehicle building puzzler Keebles. This brand new puzzler challenges you to build crazy and unique vehicles to transport the fragile Bobble across 30 carefully created levels, saving the cute Keebles along the way. Visit the Workshop to design your very own vehicle using various wheels, beams, and gadgets to roll, slide, float, and fly. The best design can be anything from the most simple, to the downright complicated, so experiment with your vehicles and see what works best for you!

When playing Keebles you must earn five stars to exceed each level, plus you will need to master a bonus Time Challenge award, so saving all your Keebles isn’t going to be easy. Make sure you don’t take too long, as the Whale at the end of the World won’t wait forever!Unleash your imagination and test those reflexes as each one of the Keebles levels has multiple solutions.

Check out What makes Keebles so awesome:

  • You can now build vehicles using rockets, balloons, parachutes, and more.
  • Try to create vehicles using the items provided.
  • Experimenting with your vehicles is a must to save more Keebles.
  • Try to beat the time challenges on the speed run.
  • Last but not least, meet the unmissable whale at The End of the World.

If you’re looking forward to playing Keebles, then keep your eye out for it on Steam, as it will be released on March 27.