French independent development company, OSome Studio, announced the release dates of their original, narrative-driven survival horror game titled White Night. The game is now available to PC, Mac and Linux players via Steam. It also releases today for PS4 on PSN and will haunt Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox One on Friday March 6th.

White Night lures horror fans back to the old-school style the genre was built on with a focus on gripping tension, compelling mystery and clever puzzle design. Stranded alone in a seemingly abandoned mansion, players will have to explore the estate and confront its tortured past to free the halls of spirits. It draws from the classic themes of the jazz age and film noir storytelling to bring its rich world and atmosphere to life, reinforced by chilling sound effects, music and voice acting.

Surrounded by darkness, White Night’s striking black-and-white visuals are also its most thrilling mechanic. Your surroundings can only be revealed by light and anything from the flicker of a match to the glow of the moon can expose new paths, secrets and story details. Additionally, light provides a safe haven against the terrors lurking in the shadows, making it a crucial resource to manage until the sun rises.