With GDC 2015 in full swing, you expect all kinds of cool announcements, more of the tech variety, but Microsoft snuck in one announcement that completely caught many off-guard and that was the news that Wasteland 2 would be coming to Xbox One this year via the ID@Xbox program.

Wasteland 2 was born from both a healthy Kickstarter drive and the desire of many PC fans to have a proper sequel to the original Wasteland, a game that shipped to PC devices back in 1989. Since then, fans have constantly clamored to see a proper return of the Rangers and the Wasteland series, and last year, Wasteland 2 dropped to rave reviews.

Fast forward to 2015 and the game will have a Game of the Year edition released that will come to Xbox One and will feature new voice over work for many characters both old and new, a new perks and quirks system and new Unity 5 effects baked into this new version. Questions did come to mind how this game will play with a controller, but if the possibility exists for more people to play this fantastic sequel, so be it.

Check out the trailer below for more on Wasteland 2 on the Xbox One, and how many donuts the production team ate during development of the game. Wasteland 2 was developed by inXile Entertainment and 70,000+ fans who supported the Kickstarter program.