Harmonix has been hemming and hawing around the idea that a new Rock Band game could be coming to new consoles at some point in the future. That we have known for some time. There have been surveys released gauging what would be important for fans of the game, instrument surveys and so much more over the last few months. Harmonix has even gone so far as to releasing new tracks for the long ago released Rock Band 3 in the last month and a half.

Well, the speculation and hinting is long gone as Harmonix has finally confirmed that Rock Band 4 is a real, in development product and more importantly, it will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles in 2015. Soak that in for a bit.

Okay, now that you have absorbed that bit of news, here is what we do know so far from the mouths of Harmonix personnel. DLC will carry over from manufacturer to manufacturer, so if your DLC was on an Xbox 360, it will carry to an Xbox One and the same for PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. DLC will not go across platform brands, which might be upsetting for those that jumped to a new platform this generation. So far, while not every song in the catalog has been completely confirmed, they expect 90 to 95% of songs ready at the time of launch (hey Singstar, are you hearing this).

New instruments will be coming from Mad Catz in the form of a drum set, guitar and microphone. When he game is released, you can buy it as a bundle of instruments and the game in a box or buy it solo. While Harmonix is working on seeing if they can find a way to make instruments compatible, nothing has been confirmed on this front.

Rock Band 4 will focus on high score chasing, getting together with friends and a more complete story mode that will make you feel more like you are fronting a band. Pro Guitar and all Keyboard support will be nixed in this version, but the Pro Drum mode will still be there for those that like that challenge. And no, I have no idea if your crazy Ion Drum Kit will work in Rock Band 4.

Note that one big absence from this list is a Wii U version of the game. While nothing has really be said about it, one of the bigger issues here is that there is no real way to track DLC purchases between systems due to a lack of a unified ID on the Nintendo Wii. So there would be no real way to get content between the two platforms due to the technical limitations.

That is all we have for now, but look for Rock Band 4 sometime in 2015. Check out the video for more below direct from Harmonix.