Coming through on their promise to service I am Bread with a constant stream of content, Bossa Studios have aided their title with the new “space Mode”. In this addition, our protagonist will be fitted with mini rockets to each corner, held together braids of bread. Players must ride the force of the rockets, whilst avoiding the obstacles traversing through the atmosphere, on your journey with the aim of becoming toast. Not content with this, Bossa have also created the excellent looking new gameplay mode, Bagel Race. Here players have only two points to control, but that won’t make the task of getting through the hazardous environment in the kitchen, – goal of reaching a heat source – any easier.

Bossa will be on hand at this year’s EGX Rezzed to show off I am Bread and welcome players to their real life set. So for your chance to break bread with the guys behind this charming titled, make sure to get yourself down there.