Firefly Studio unleashes Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise Of The Wolf Firefly Studios excited it’s legion of fans today with the announcement of a monumental expansion for Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise Of The Wolf, scheduled for release on PC and Mac. Featuring series antagonist, The Wolf, the expansion centres around the recreated world of the original Stronghold title, now in MMO form and new PVE gameplay.

“The idea with Rise of The Wolf is to invert the gameplay of Stronghold Kingdoms. We’re turning Kingdoms’ hardcore player-versus-player gameplay on its head and challenging people to work together, to defeat a common enemy”, said Simon Bradbury, Creative Director at Firefly Studios. “While you can still enjoy a more pure PvP experience on the regular game worlds, we developed Rise of The Wolf because it offers a new way to play our MMO for those who enjoy or indeed prefer PvE. I can’t wait to see what tactics players use to take down The Wolf, The Snake, The Pig and The Rat!”

This time round, players will need to defeat enemy troops, whilst gaining vital land, via winning votes in the political arena. Completing such tasks however, will be tested by new AI opponents with matching abilities as players, including the power to capture player villagers, rig elections to their advantage, repair castles and gather resources and more. Set during the backdrop, of the medieval British Isles, players will be pitted against The Wolf, The Pig, The Snake and The Rat. For those eager to take defend their land form the list of fiendish characters, they can grab themselves the Rise Of The Wolf expansion now, free to play.