Ubisoft and Carbon Games announced AirMech Arena for PS4 and Xbox One. The competitive real-time action strategy game will be free-to-play on Xbox Live accounts on Xbox One, and PlayStation Network this Spring.

AirMech Arena lets players control powerful transforming weapons known as AirMechs to protect their bases and takeover enemy fortresses. Gamers will be able to collect up to nine available AirMechs, each with its own unique abilities, and command them to deploy defense units from the air or to transform into ground mode in order to beat up enemy armies on the front line. As they gain experience, they will earn in-game currency known as kudos to unlock upgrades, new units and pilots to expand their collection, and customize their appearance with exclusive skins and effects.

AirMech Arena gives players the opportunity to complete quests and earn rewards in solo games, or partner with up to four friends for co-operative play online. Competitors can test their skills in ranked matches or practice in unranked mode. Teamwork is key in order to succeed in multiplayer as allies must manage resources and protect their bases while attempting to capture their opponent’s territory and defend against the opposition. The game also features a spectator mode, giving gamers the opportunity to view each other’s matches and check out the competition in action.