There is probably only one thing that can best describe my excitement regarding this news, that being the illustrious power of the GIF…

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We recently saw the release of the Final Symphony album, of an amazing symphonic suite of pieces inspired by music from Final Fantasy VI, VII & X. Today, a new concert has been announced by a partnership between the London Symphony Orchestra and Merregnon Studios for Final Symphony II.

This new concert will feature music from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX & XIII. More specifically, a suite has been specifically composed using music from FFXIII.


The concert will take place at the Barbican Centre in London on September 12 2015. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (March 20) at 10am GMT.

Tickets will be priced at £30, £40, £50, and £65, with the option to buy a ticket for a pre-concert talk with Nobuo Uematsu for £10. The link to visit for tickets is here.

If you’re even a little bit curious in music from Final Fantasy, then I HUGELY recommend that you give this a look. The original Final Symphony concert was an incredible experience last year and the compositions are mind-blowingly awesome. For those keen, be sure to be ready when the tickets go live. This will surely sell out extremely quickly.