Evolve’s upcoming new DLC add-on pac will feature a new Behemoth Monster, four new playable Hunters, two free maps, a free Observer Mode, among other perks.

This extra content will add depth and replayability for the entire Evolve community without dividing players based on what additional content they own. And, two free maps and a free Observer Mode means more new content for all Evolve players to enjoy, whether they choose to play with one of the new characters, or stay with their existing favorites.

The Behemoth is a tank of a Monster that becomes a giant, destructive boulder and rolls through the environment for quick traversal. This new monstrosit is free for those who pre-ordered Evolve from participating retailers as part of the Monster Expansion Pack and is available separately for $14.99.

Four new Hunters also join the lineup:

  • Torvald: a cyborg Assault character with a mortar cannon for an arm
  • Crow: a Trapper with a pet Batray for tracking Monsters
  • Slim: a genetically modified combat Medic
  • Sunny: a Support character equipped with a mininuke grenade launcher

Each new Hunter expands the experience with new weapons, equipment, and abilities. The four Hunters are available as part of the Hunting Season Pass along with three Monster skins for $24.99. Or each Hunter can also be purchased separately for $7.49.

The 2 new maps, Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry, introduce two distinct environments and add exciting new campaign effects to *Evacuation*, a unique experience that combines the full array of maps, modes, Hunters, and Monsters into a single dynamic campaign, offering near-limitless variety. Both free maps will be available first for Xbox One on March 31, 2015, and will be available for Windows PC and PS4 system on April 30, 2015.

The new Observer Mode is a free feature designed to provide the community with the tools to observe and add commentary. This mode allows a sixth user to passively enter a custom game, enhancing any live streaming by seamlessly switching to view any of the five players. Also includes an informative HUD that updates in real time throughout the match, showcasing player health, survival odds, perks, the mini-map, and more.