Sony’s original television series “Powers” is about to reach its halfway point, but we’ve already landed the best in-house cameo possible.

Naturally you’ll see plenty of Sony Vaio computers (although so much for that one, eh?.) And there’s a neat hack of “Infamous: Second Son” where the characters are seen playing a version that clearly stars the show’s main character Christian Walker in his former heroic self. Hey Sony, where’s the DLC pack that lets us do that? I’d go five to ten bucks for that.

But no, the best cameo is this one:

walker home

Does that not look like the default apartment for Sony’s not-as-forgotten-as-you’d-think social MMO PlayStation Home? Christian Walker has fallen so far that he can’t even afford to buy one of the special edition living spaces!

Although he has clearly been through some of the Home events that handed out free furniture. Check out those superfluous tiny benches. He probably has an Uncharted Ceremonial Dagger hanging on the wall somewhere.

Here’s a shot from Home if your memory needs refreshed. Note the balcony in the left hand side of the image.

playstation home

Have you been keeping up with “Powers”? Let us know what you think of the show in comments.