Koch Media announced its newest publishing label Ravenscourt and its debut selection of upcoming PC simulator games to be released in later this year.

This diverse array of new simulation titles allow players to virtually try some of the most fascinating jobs and pastimes in the world. Here are the 3 newly announced Simulator games which will release within the next few months:

Truck Mechanic Simulator 2015 releasing May 1st.

This game puts you in charge of a top of the range workshop specialized in servicing trucks. With over 100 interactive parts per truck, this highly detailed simulator is not for the lightweight:

  • 7 highly detailed truck models
  • 3 weight categories
  • Each truck consists of over 100 parts to replace or repair
  • Upgradeable workshop with individual test tracks
  • Enjoy and unlock multiple achievements

Helicopter 2015: Natural Disasters releasing May 1st as well.

This breathtaking flight simulator puts you in the shoes of a lifesaving helicopter pilot. You’ll be put straight into the cockpit of an emergency helicopter where you will face 40 challenging missions that features multiple goals.

  • 5 new helicopters with different specs
  • Over 100 square kilometers of terrain
  • More than 40 varied missions
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Well-balanced flight controls
  • Fully configurable controller support

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 coming June 19th.

This simulator lets you take on the role of a professional car mechanic on the path to success. Expand your workshop and improve your skills as you progress. Buy worn-out vehicles and renovate them to get rich and become a famous car collector.

  • Repair cars for your clients and upgrade your workshop to offer new services
  • Visit car auctions to buy old cars and renovate them
  • Enjoy an infinite number of randomly generated missions
  • Each car is made out of more than 200 interactive parts which can be tuned and repaired

Construction Machines Simulator 2016 also coming June 19th.

Become the head of a construction company. Demolish old houses, flatten the ground, fill foundations with concrete and build new architecture. Sit behind the wheel of many different construction machines including trucks, diggers, huge cranes, and more. Win contracts and earn money to expand your company.

  • Realistic graphics with powerful machines and stunning environments
  • New advanced physics and interaction system
  • Highly detailed models of construction equipment
  • Build and destroy, manage and employ