Crytek released two brand new game modes for their free online FPS, Warface.

Domination Versus Mode will have players scrap to fend off the enemy team and hold down three different positions on the map. Securing each of those points for a set period of time will put players on the path to victory. For the debut of Domination Mode, players will compete on the newly-launched SubZero Versus map inviting players to return to the ice-locked mountains of Siberia as they battle for supremacy.

Along with Domination Mode, players will be able to play the Marathon Survival Mode. Bringing together the three original maps from the game’s Siberia setting, Marathon Mode challenges players to outlast and outgun the enemy as they tackle the Operation Cold Peak Co-op campaign in the form of one continuous level.

Operation Cold Peak’s three individual acts (Spearhead, Ambush and Zenith) have already ûshed veterans to their limits by teaming up to brave hostile territory. The introduction of Marathon Mode ramps the adversity to a whole new level by merging the diverse and deadly challenges of each snow-bound environment.

In Spearhead, players will have to fight off waves of incoming Blackwood operatives as they attempt to hack into a console and snatch precious enemy intel. Ambush features more back-to-the-wall combat and a boss battle that coincides with a deadly avalanche. And finally, Zenith features intense action as teams take to the trenches and work towards an explosive finale.