Insomniac Games’ newest add-on for Sunset Overdrive, Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines, is now available for download.

The add-on comes included as part of the Season Pass or can be purchased separately for £7.99. Featuring an all new story and area to explore, the newest content features brand new weapons, traps and amps, enemies and outfits. It also comes with a new giant Energy Ball that only you can control.

Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines is a battle that’s been raging on for billions of years. A rescue mission to save Sam’s old mentors from the Fizzco Robotics Factory quickly turns into an all-out assault to take down Fizzco defenses. Hacking equates to pulling triggers and laying waste to a bevy of upgraded Fizzco bots.

There’s also a new Achievement titled Worst Job in the Kingdom which can be unlocked by replaying and completing the “Floating Garbage” mission within par time (15 minutes) for a massive 200 gamerscore!