Subaltern Games revealed No Pineapple Left Behind. No it’s not a game about being a pineapple, but its a satirical simulation of modern education and pursuit to create the perfect student body.

As the principal, players are required to manage the staff and finances (you’ll also be able to fire people if need be), dealing with annoying parents, creating curriculums, and ultimately churning out the best little students. This is where things might be easier: Children have been turned into pineapples. The problem? They keep turning back into children.

Here are some of the game’s features:

  • Manage the school’s curriculums, students and staff without going bankrupt.
  • Turn children into orderly pineapples.
  • Ohterwise, you’ll have to deal with the complications of human children, for potentially better grades.
  • Address or ignore parental concerns.
  • Lump the bad students together, expel them or even lie about their grades.
  • Maintain a small staff of top-tier teachers or a large group of burned-out, underpaid teachers.