The Open Beta for Total War Battles: Kingdom is now available and can be downloaded from Steam right here.

This new entry in the Total War franchise is a new free-to-play, persistent-world strategy game which is set during the chaotic turn of the 10th Century in a time where the world begins to emerge from the Dark Ages divided and at war. Total War Battles: Kingdom combines intense battles with army management, kingdom building and offers bite-sized Total War experiences.

Players will find themselves needing to rebuild a crumbled empire. Through managing the needs of their own fiefdom, players marshal formidable armies with which to duel against neighboring kingdoms.

Total War Battles: Kingdom has been in a closed beta since it was announced last year. This Open Beta signals the start of the public releases for this game. Seeing as its intended to be a the perfect Total War experience for players on the go, there’s also a tablet versions coming later this year along with a Mac version as well. This will allow players to continue their campaign across multiple devices at home or on the go.

The Total War Battles: Kingdom Open PC Beta will be available at first in selected territories. If you want to see if your country is eligible for the beta, click here.