This past weekend, producer/director Naoki Yoshida hosted the 20th installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE series where he discussed the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward. He also revealed two new videos.

The event began with the Heavensward opening cinematic movie, seen above (SPOILER ALERT!), which bridges the events of A Realm Reborn’s finale and the beginning of Heavensward. Yoshida was also joined by special guest Kazuyuki Ikumori, the chief creative director of the Visual Works Division as they discussed the creation of the FFXIV CG movies and other behind-the-scenes topics.

During the broadcast, Yoshida also took the opportunity to outline many of Heavensward’s new features and changes. such as raising of the level cap, the introduction of new job actions, new gameplay systems for the Disciples of the Hand and Land classes and details regarding the debut of the high-end Alexander raid dungeon. Additionally, Yoshida also addressed questions from the player community while showing off upcoming gameplay features including a live demonstration of a flying mount. Head over to the Final Fantasy Forums to read Yoshida’s answers.

Attendees were also treated to another cinematic movie: Final Fantasy XIV: Flames of Truth. This new video combines Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s opening sequence with a CG video that was previously only shown to players who successfully defeated a certain boss in the high-level Final Coil of Bahamut raid. This now-complete video reveals the fate of archon Louisoix, the secret behind Bahamut’s abrupt disappearance after he unleashed his fiery wrath upon Eorzea, and details on how the realm was reborn.

Once again SPOILER ALERT, as the video contains scenes from the latter portions of the Coil of Bahamut story.