Ubisoft along with Blue Byte released a new expansion pack for Might & Magic Duel of Champions. Shuffling into the mix is a complete new set of cards, new features, and special quests for those looking to begin their journey today. Also is the highly-anticipated option to modify and individualize cards to further immerse players in the epic world of Might and Magic.

Titled Time of Renewal, this new expansion introduces 146 revised cards along with 24 brand new cards bringing the new offering to a whooping total of 170 new cards; all of which were created entirely from the Duel of Champions community’s feedback, which generates new opportunities and further strategies to fuel your campaign.

The complex strategies behind Might & Magic Duel of Champions become clearer with the addition of 30 new achievements. These new achievements will also prove a helpful tool for introducing beginners to the title’s fun and addictive gameplay, which will give them the upper hand while dueling their way to victory.

Based on player feedback, the ability to change a card’s individual appearance is now also accessible. Different card backs change the appearance of the field and everyone will now also be able to see the different card backs.