If you like your keyboards to have a mechanical feel with the added dazzle of multi-coloured lights, then the Chroma version of Razer’s Blackwidow keyboard is sure to be up your street.

Today, it was revealed that alongside the full-size Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma keyboard, a Tournament Edition of the Blackwidow keyboard is joining the range.

This version is designed with compactness in mind, ditching the numerical keypad to narrow down the overall size. The Razer fans among you will know that the Tournament Edition is not a new affair (the current Blackwidow already has a Tournament Edition), however this latest release adds the colourful bells and whistles that the Chroma range enjoys.

I first encountered the range at gamescom last year, and hoo boy were they a pretty sight. Since then, an SDK has been launched for the keybaords which allows developers to do some clever things with the lights in the keyobard.


The keyboard retails from Razer at £124.99 in the UK and $139.99 in the US.

To give you a flavour of the level of customisation that the Chroma offers, Razer made this funky wee video for Chroma owners on how to tweak their shiny new toy.