As far as MOBAs go… I have an inkling that the release schedule for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm ranks up there as one of the quickest. Only shortly after last Blizzcon in November 2014 did the game move out of the Technical Alpha phase and into a wider testing pool with the Closed Beta. Now, we have news that the game is progressing even further.

The game will be fully launched on June 2!

Don’t pull those party poppers yet though, for there is another piece of news that’ll really get you excited….

Open Beta!

Yep, ahead of the game’s full release the beta doors will be blown wide open (I assume by some tactfully placed Banelings) and everyone can then jump into the game ahead of the full release. The Open Beta kicks off on May 20, roughly two weeks ahead of full release.

For those not familiar with Heroes of the Storm, it’s a team-based brawler where characters from all corners of Blizzard’s games duke it out in a war of dominance. Objectives unique to each map can give each player a crucial advantage, such as cashing in gold to a corrupt pirate that’ll happily fire his cannons on your enemy. So long as you have the coin of course…


I’ve been keeping an eye on Heroes for some time, and was instantly caught on to its style from the wee moments I enjoyed with the game back at gamescom last year. If you’ve yet to jump into the game yet, you’re in for a treat.

Ahead of the game’s launch on June 1, a special live-stream event will kick off to celebrate the launch. Keep your eyes peeled here for more details on how to join in online.

Now, if that date trailer above didn’t get you excited… then this video back from Blizzcon 2013 will at least give you a chuckle!