It has been a bit of time since our last One Hour Tour video, but with new video capture equipment in hand, we set out to take a look at the newest release from Ubisoft, Assassins Creed Chronicles China. This is the first of a planned trilogy for the Assassins Creed Chronicles series, with the action taking place on a flat 2D space. The One Hour Tour picks up right after the tutorial sequence and has us following the main character as she infiltrates a stronghold where secret documents need to be stolen by our Templar friends. You also get to watch me die quite a bit as you are rather vulnerable at the beginning of the game.

The One Hour Tour series has our writers sit down with new or recent releases and play through them for a half hour to hour giving the player a look at the beginning of the game to see the difficulty, style and how the game plays. If you have a request for a One Hour Tour video, let us know via Twitter or email.