Codemasters is getting back to basics after a few detours with the release of DiRT Rally via Early Access today on Steam. Gone are the Gymkhana stunts, the demolition derbies and all the other distractions that happened in the most recent entries in the DiRT franchise. DiRT Rally looks to get back to basics with what made the series so successful in the first place – straight up rally racing.

Just by watching the trailer below, you can see that DiRT Rally is pushing every aspect of the rally racing experience, with multiple weather conditions, driving during the day or the dead of night (oh man, those night sequences look like pure white knuckle racing), and so much more.

Along with a tight, well crafted racing engine, you will also experience 17 different Rally cars, complete with their own physics and behaviors on the track, 36 different stages across several countries, weekly challenges posted to the community, team management and numerous other features to whet your rally appetite. Check out all the screens and video below to get a feel for DiRT Rally, from Codemasters Racing and out now for early access on Steam.