Last Wednesday, Bungie Community Manager, Deej, hosted a livestream straight from the studio with Christopher Barrett, Bungie Creative Director, and community member Gothalion.

The livestream took viewers through a live tour of the brand new social space, The Reef, which will serve as a key location for the House of Wolves story, and where players will be able to pick up new bounties and missions, and purchase new gear.

During the livestream the 3 hosts revealed details about the upcoming expansion:

  • Petra Venj will be the main story agent who will lead you through quests and story missions, rewarding you for hunting down members of the House of Wolves
  • The new mode, titled Prison of Elders, is a cooperative battle arena featuring Variks as the Prison warden and players will be able to acquire new gear from him through playing the new mode
  • Another new mode, Trials of Osiris, introduced in House of Wolves, is a weekly competitive special event which will run Friday to Tuesday, and players will be able to get new rewards and supplies via Brother Vance, Disciple of Osiris
  • Bounties, Vaults and Postmaster will be accessible in The Reef
  • Any legendary or exotic weapon or armor will be upgradeable to full attack and defense

The full livestream can be viewed here. And this Wednesday at 19:00, community member tripleWRECK will reveal more details on Trials of Osiris here.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves will be available on Tuesday 19th May.