After spending some time in Early Access on Steam, the latest chapter in the Shadowrun universe is out in full release today as Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown.

This new chapter from Nordic Games and Cliffhanger Studios continues the formula that has been a huge hit with fans on Kickstarter as you create a character and build their stats through mission progression, slowly working your way through this world of cyberpunk infused with a dash of magic and fantasy. Along the way you will assemble a team of Runners that will work with you to dispatch over 40 enemy types, while taking on quests for NPC characters. Of course, nothing comes easy in this world, so when dialog fails you always can fight your way to success with the updated turn based combat engine.

Check out the new trailer for the official launch of Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown below. Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown is now available on Steam and is developed by Cliffhanger Studios and published by Nordic Games.