Mach ado has been made about the hefty price tag on the DLC package for the incoming Batman: Arkham Knight, due for release on June 23. Priced up at $40/£33, the asking price has generated a lot of concern from fans. To ,y recent memory, not many games have managed to get away with season passes of that price, save for the likes of Destiny and Call of Duty, mainly due to their being multiplayer-focused DLC.

As Arkham Knight is mostly a single player experience, the sell becomes more focused on what extra content the DLC provides to give us more things in the game to enjoy. It seems like Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have heard this, as they’ve posted on their forums a run-down on what’s contained in the season pass. Here’s what that extra dosh will give you:

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

This is a prequel story expansion where we get to play as Batgirl for the first time in Rockseady’s Arkham series. They were kind enough to supply the first image of Batgirl and suffice to say, she looks certifiably badass.


You’ll note that it’s a lot more armoured and combat-focused than the new look for Batgirl currently in the works over at the House of DC. Rocksteady seem to have followed style cues from Batman himself in the game series, which seems like a great fit.

The Season of Infamy

More story missions with this pack. Not much has been said about this pack, save for it involving more of Gotham’s super-villains. I imagine we’ll hear more on this in the future.

Gotham City Stories

This is another story pack, which looks to be more mission based akin to The Season of Infamy. The focus here is on some of Batman’s allies, providing the opportunity to play as said characters. The missions are set before and after the events in the main storyline of the game, however we don’t yet know which allies are involved.

Legendary Batmobiles with Themed Tracks

Says it all in the headline! Iconic Batmobiles can be raced on custom-built tracks. These tracks will apparently be themed to the car’s era in question, however all cars can be played on all tracks.

Crimefighter Challenge Maps

This will add more challenge maps to those presumably already in the game to begin with. In my days of chasing the maximum gamerscore on Arkham Asylum, challenge maps occupied a fair amount of my time. This is mainly because they were indeed challenging! The forum post mentions that these maps will utilise the play styles of “Batman and his allies”, suggesting that characters like Nightwing can take part in these maps.

Character Skins

Skins across eras for Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman. Enough said there!

That’s all for now folks! If we hear any more about Arkham Knight or indeed the Season Pass, we’ll let you know.