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Some years ago if you mentioned online slots to anyone they would immediately think of spinning a few reels (probably slowly due to internet connections at the time) in the hope of matching a few “cherries” or “bars” to win a small prize. Online slots have changed since then – dramatically changed. Now they are turbo charged with fantastic graphics, exciting bonus features and, most importantly, big wins. Here are some reasons why you should try online slots:

  • Online slots offer big, big jackpots. Gone are the days when players hoped to gain just a small return on their stake. Nowadays slot players can actually win millions of pounds with one spin of the reel. Even those making small bets can earn thousands of times their initial stake. This really ramps up the excitement levels for anyone playing an online slot game.
  • Online slots have become much more advanced, offering seriously great game play and many different ways to win. Take, for example, the online slot “House of Dragons” available to play at William Hill online casino. This slot offers bonus features, win multipliers, wilds (which substitute for all other symbols) and even a “Reverse Play” mode where you win when you don’t match any symbols!
  • Bonus features are now an integral part of online slot games, providing players with an exciting alternative to the normal base game. These bonus features are normally really exciting and can offer much bigger prizes than the base slot game. In the “House of Dragons” there is a fun “archery” bonus where players can multiply their winnings again and again.
  • Online slots have become much more exciting and innovative, the “Reverse Play” function in “House of Dragons” is one example, but other slot games offer instant wins, scatter pays and many other ways to win that will genuinely surprise the player.
  • Finally, slots have become incredibly fun to play, there are slots that are based on movies (with top graphics and real movie footage), Marvel superhero slots – watching The Incredible Hulk destroy police cars to win you cash is a particular highlight – and many, many more different online slots. You really will be amazed and the choices of online slot available and how much fun that they can be to play.
    Online slots offer the best casino experience as they are so versatile – offering much more variation than “static” games such as roulette or blackjack. Online slots have become so innovative in providing players with different ways to win and a fun in play experience at the same time. The thing is you never really get bored playing them as they are designed to offer different experiences. Moreover, slots really have progressed to a level where one spin of the reel could change your life forever.