Creative Assembly’s hotly anticipated Total War: Arena is hosting the world’s first live stream on May 23 at the ESL Studios in Cologne, Germany.

Total War: Arena is the upcoming free-to-play strategy game that will mix elements of real-time strategy and multiplayer online battles using key elements of the Total War design. It intends to support massive ten versus ten battles with each player controlling three units, each containing up to five hundred men.

In real time strategy terms, it’s extremely adventurous having never been done before. If you want to read more about the game, check out the Total War: Arena Facebook page now!


The event on May 23 will give viewers the chance to see the game up close for the first time as well as engage with developers from the team.

In gaming terms, this is going to be ‘celebrity heavy’ with renowned eSports commentator Leigh “Deman” Smith casting on the day, with Total War community favourites amongst the developers challengers!

This event will be hosted live from 5pm until 9pm (CEST) on the Total War twitch channel.

It goes without saying that I am giving you plenty of time to tell your friends and family that you won’t be available. Call in sick from work if you have to because this is a must see event.

If watching on Twitch just isn’t going to be good enough for you, I have a solution: disappear. Not in a nasty, childish sense… but literally disappear. Go AWOL from your work, have your friends and family fear the worst and just go to Cologne because Creative Assembly and ESL are offering guest passes to the studio to attend the event in person.

You can sign up to attend, meet the developers and TW community using the following link.

Once you’ve calmed down from all the shenanigans of the night, informed your loved ones that you are alright and safely returned to work at your manager’s behest…

You can prepare to do it all over again after signing up for the Closed Alpha.

Please note that the Alpha is currently only available to EU regions with hopes to open US servers in the near future.

If I don’t see you there, I’ve probably been chained to the bed in a bid to keep me in the country… and I’ll probably see you on Twitch instead!