Guardians, it is time… The Queen has spoken and is opening the Reef!

On Tuesday 19 May, Guardians will be able to explore the Awoken territory in Bungie and Activision’s massive space shooter, MMOFPS Destiny as the second expansion House of Wolves, is set to drop. The latest teaser trailer seems nothing short of exciting!

This expansion, despite minor controversy from some of the elite members of the community, will unfortunately not feature a new raid; Bungie made the announcement on April 13 and insisted that it was “not a decision made lightly”.

So what do they have in store if not a new raid?

Simple: the new expansion boasts two new multiplayer end game events to cater to the community as a whole.

  • PvE players can rejoice with a new arena mode titled the ‘Prison of Elders’.
  • PvP players can play against the best of the best in the ‘Trials of Osiris’, an elimination mode variant of PvP – with the best rewards going to the most skilled of players.
  • A new strike – The Shadow Thief
  • New story missions
  • New multiplayer maps!
  • New weapons, armour and gear – including a new weapon type!

Bungie have clearly been keeping their ears to the ground and have heard the voice of the community because players will finally be able to upgrade their favourite weapons past the initial damage thresholds to keep the old gear in the game with the new.

Are you one of those lucky players with the infamous ‘Fatebringer’ hand cannon and want to make sure that the Fallen cower before it?

Do you fancy packing more of a punch with the destructive Gjallahorn?

Or maybe you prefer some of the more classic gear and want to bring it up to the same level as the new end game armour?

Now you finally can.

Head over to or for more information.

In the meantime, I am personally going to start stacking bounties in preparation.

See you in the Reef on May 19 Guardians.