It’s that time of the year again! The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 for short) is rearing its head once more and is primed to dish out a tsunami of announcements and reveals in a very short space of time.

Of course, E3 also plays host to a number of presentations by publishers and format holders, ready to show off the latest and greatest they have to offer.

All of these are streamed over the web, should you wish to join in with finding out the latest news. For yours truly based in the UK, this means lots of rather late nights! I’ve gathered together the stream times both on the West Coast and here in the UK for you to set your calendars:

Company Pacific Standard Time British Standard Time
Bethesda June 14 – 6:30pm June 15 – 2:30am
Microsoft June 15 – 9:30am June 15 – 5:30pm
Electronic Arts June 15 – 1pm June 15 – 9pm
Ubisoft June 15 – 3pm June 15 – 11pm
Sony June 15 – 6pm June 16 – 2am
Nintendo June 16 – 9am June 16 – 5pm
Square Enix June 16 – 10am June 16 – 6pm
PC Gamer /AMD June 16 – 5pm June 17 – 1am


Hope this is useful! Hold on to your seatbelts, people, I have a feeling this is going to be a rather hectic ride. :)