Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming multiplayer battle game, Heroes of the Storm is on the horizon. Set for release on PC and Mac on June 2 2015, players are in for what looks like a stunning game.

Players will get the opportunity to battle using a combination of heroes from their current and very successful franchises; namely Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo. This is a game that Blizzard have openly stated doesn’t fall into any specific genre. They don’t see it as a multiplayer action real-time strategy or anything else of worthy equivalence; instead electing to refer to it as a “Team Brawler” with a fairly broad play style involved.


Set in the “Nexus” universe, Heroes of the Storm will use a free-to-play model supported by micro-transactions where these micro-transactions can be used to purchase new heroes, player skins and more… but who wants to hear about that when it has been made known that you can quite happily log on and download it now?

Click on the link to start downloading and playing Heroes now!

If playing the game isn’t enough for you and you are excited about the June 2 launch, Blizzard are also hosting a launch spectacular in London, UK.

For those attending in person, you can be treated to developer interviews, live music and more. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Those who aren’t able to attend (and are slightly less awesome as a result) can also tune in to the intended live broadcast and can join the Facebook and Twitter trends with the hash tag, #NexusCalling.

More details to follow!