Ubisoft announced a Might and Magic Heroes VII closed beta will take place from May 25th at 5pm UK time to June 8th at 5pm UK time. Access to the closed beta is only available to players who pre-order the game and participants can explore it at their own pace against the A.I. controlled opponents or challenge other players online. The closed beta can be played with up to 4 players simultaneously in both team and free for all modes.

The closed beta will give players the opportunity to discover the unique units and gameplay of Haven and Academy and to explore two Skirmish maps: The Dried Lands and the Bad Neighbours, where they can harvest resources, expand their town, recruit armies and develop their heroes in an effort to besiege their opponent’s empire. There is no maximum level set for the closed beta and players will have unlimited access to the content until June 8th.

Might and Magic Heroes VII will be available exclusively on PC in September 2015.