Dark Dreams Don’t Die, or D4 as it is also known was released on Xbox One in September 2014 to positive reception.

Players take control of David Young, a private investigator whose wife has been murdered. Upon finding certain items or “mementos” that recall memories from his past, David can time travel to certain points to try and unravel the truth behind the act.

Designed using cel-shaded graphics, similarly to graphic novels or notable titles such as Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Walking Dead, the game looks stunning and really manages to pull people in like they are playing a film or a comic.


Although the concept may sound bizarre, the game was favoured for its use of the Kinect system on the Xbox. Understandably, PC players will instead have to rely solely on mouse controls as the Kinect options have been deactivated for this port of the game; instead, rejoice at the added bonus of various bug fixes, decreased loading times and an improved frame rate.

Developer, Access Games announced that a free demo version should be accessible soon, with details set to follow.

Watch the original Xbox One launch trailer here.

D4 will be available on Stream, GOG, Playism and the Humble Store on June 5.

The game can be purchased for $14.99 USD as a standalone pack with various PC DLC packs on offer in addition at an increased cost.

Bad news for PlayStation fans though! Director Hidetaka Suehiro has expressed this iconic title is unfortunately not coming to Sony platforms.