Atlus revealed a special edition titled Disco Fever for the Persona 4 spin-off Dancing All Night. Atlus knows how to do special editions. For a hefty $80, you get the following content:

  • The game (obviously!)
  • Two discs of Persona 4 music remixes, including arrangements from the RPG as well as new music created for Persona 4: Dancing All Night.
  • Double-sided Persona 4: Dancing All Night-themed PS Vita pouch featuring a Teddie design.
  • 14 DLC costumes including a Gekkoukan High School uniform set based on Persona 3, and the Summer Break outfit set to dress up Investigation Team characters (the exception being Teddie).
  • The song “Never More” included as a bonus playable track.
  • 10 Wallpapers for Vita
  • Keychain

For those who are more visual, a design of the complete package can be found below. This is quite the package. Then again, Atlus is known for often including soundtracks in the first release batch of their games.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night is currently dancing to a June 25th release date in Japan. Atlus is looking to release the North American version next Fall. Unfortunately, no word on a UK release yet.