Nintendo’s Splatoon was released on Wii U today so in a bid to celebrate, the Adrenaline Alley skate park in Corby teamed up with them to ‘splat’ the venue!

Splatoon is a third person shooter where players have to try and cover as much of the map in their team’s colour of ink whilst opposing players frantically fire away in a bid to do the same.

The event in Corby will have four Wii U pods and copies of the game on site to encourage people to play over the summer period.

The video features Lois Pendlebury, one of the UK’s finest female skaters, Pixels crew Tom Bailey and Sam Pulley as well as Salar Kooshiki, an up and coming skater.

Adrenaline Alley is to remain transformed for the duration of the summer so all the hard work won’t go to waste!

Get yourself to Corby, check the place out and give Splatoon a go now!