Giana Sisters: Dream Runners is the latest newest chapter of the renowned gaming franchise which first began on the Commodore 64 way back in 1987. Back then, music played an important role in cultivating the fanfare for Giana Sisters, which has lasted for decades.

Black Forest Games and EuroVideo are bringing back the original composer, Chris Hülsbeck. Chris will be putting together six brand new songs for the release of Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, while Swedish metal/chiptune group Machinae Supremacy, who created the music for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, will add six songs to the Dream Runners soundtrack.

The challenge for the Dream Runners team was to create music that fits the game’s faster pace of play. Here’s what Chris Hülsbeck has to say: “Creating the score for a racing game differs quite a bit from that of a traditional platformer. The music has to intensify the racing frenzy on screen – which requires much more upbeat and fast tracks. My collaborators Fabian Del Priore, Machinae Supremacy and I had a blast exploring another round of new and classic Giana Sisters music themes in this fast-paced style.”

Two samples of the new soundtrack are available for streaming via Soundcloud, and will be part of the Giana Sisters: Dream Runners full game which is set to release later this summer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.