Developer RedBedlam recently announced that Bedlam, the first-person shooter based on the novel by award winning British author Christopher Brookmyre, is set for an August 4 release on the PlayStation 4.

Bedlam is a rather unique title and also the author’s first venture into the sci-fi genre. In Bedlam, protagonist Heather Quinn, a programmer at ‘Neurosphere’ who finds herself transporter into the world of ‘Starfire’ – the nineties FPS she recalls from her childhood.


As she ventures throughout the story, Heather finds herself transferring between interconnected game worlds and learning how the FPS genre and gaming as a whole became to be the powerhouse it is today.

A very interesting, unique concept that hopefully reaches the mark from a gameplay perspective.

PlayStation 4 users can look forward to this on August 4 whilst Xbox One, Mac and PC can see expect to see it out on Aug 13.

Good news for Steam users as the game is currently available as an Early Access title.