Godling is an upcoming PS4 title that was unveiled at E3. Utilising the power of Project Morpheus, players can truly immerse themselves into the world of the game.

For those who do not know, Project Morpheus is the codename for Sony’s latest piece of hardware. Expected to be release in Q1 of 2016 and packed with an OLED 1920×1080 display, it is expected to be able to cope with images up to 120fps.

Naturally, the concept is very exciting and could open up the doors to more innovative games in the future.

Nevertheless, the trailer opened many eyes at E3.

Developed by Sólfar, a highly creative team founded in late 2014 in Reykjavik Iceland, Godling sees the player as a toddler God, awakened to the sights of a beautiful, natural world.


The player can nurture the ecosystem and see the world thrive… or as the trailer has shown, light a match and build upon a world worthy to match the depths of hell.

Remember Black and White released back in 2001? A similar concept, albeit less ‘hands on’.

Anyway… who doesn’t like the idea of playing God?
There is playing God… then being God. Godling looks like it could deliver on both fronts.

Still no news of a release date as the game is still in the development stages but this is one to take note of and watch.