Bethesda’s massive Fallout series went down the mobile route recently.

If you didn’t know, you’ve either been living under a rock or something remotely equivalent.

At first, the announcement was met with mixed reviews. “Screw the mobile game, fast forward to Fallout 4!” might have entered my dialect. After all, was a mobile game going to do the series justice?

Well, apparently it did because the game has topped the charts in forty eight different countries!

I’m not even afraid to admit that I have too. It’s the perfect game for filling a break at work or when *cough* on the toilet.

Actually… this game is so good that I’m also not afraid to admit that I walked away with red thighs because I had spent so long on the toilet.  Thankfully, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll know my face so the image isn’t as horrific as it could be… and I’ll leave it at that before this article becomes more about my now questionable toiletry habits than anything else…

Anyway, the game has been widely appraised for it’s addictive gameplay and strategy elements. Honest, strategy…

It’s not easy running a vault on limited resources and bottle caps and those forty eight other countries suddenly make me feel less guilty for pouring in the hours!

The game is free to download which is a massive plus. Players new to the series (or veterans!) can easily understand the game and play without having to pay a penny. For the more hardcore gamers, the option to purchase ‘lunch boxes’ which have goodies loaded into them, is there… but it isn’t mandatory. You can earn lunch boxes by completing targets set during gameplay and still reap the benefits, albeit with them being much further between than you might hope.


Fallout Shelter remains at the top of the charts on the app store and had reportedly been player more than seventy million times a day by fans globally which is stunning! If anything, the game wets the whistle in time for the massive upcoming release of its big brother…

Available for download on Apple devices (the Android variant is in development), it is well worth checking out.

I must dash though – in the time it took me to update this article, my vault dwellers have finished another round of stimpaks!