Don’t be fooled by the title – the aim isn’t to drink and get blind drunk (though I’m sure that it would be a sufficient option for some gamers this Friday night), it’s actually much more than that.

Some developers have teamed up with big name brands in the past and have awarded gamers with their loyalty to the brands with XP boosts, DLC codes and the like… and it’s always been a welcomed partnership from a business perspective. Big brands get some free advertising with a AAA game title, AAA game titles get some free advertising on the brands.

Call of Duty was notorious for them. Teaming up with Mountain Dew, or even Doritos to award players with in-game content or XP boosts as a thank you for redeeming the codes on offer. Destiny has teamed up with Red Bull recently as well…

It seems to be happening all too often and seemingly with only junk food/drink being the primary contributor.

Dying Light fans only need to tweet a picture of themselves drinking a glass of water (you know, that healthy stuff that keeps us all ticking) and you can be rewarded with double XP on the agility stat that lasts for 24 hours – no expense needed. It truly is FREE DLC!


As my head struggles to get around the prospect of free content (because those massive games like Call of Duty, or Destiny expect us to keep paying through the teeth for stuff), I have to tip my hat in the direction of Techland.

Their overwhelming generosity has resulted in them tracking the numbers of ‘#DrinkForDLC’ hash-tags and the developer will be rewarding the fans with stretch goals that can see high-tier weapon unlocks and more.

A simple prospect that really makes me think that some developers really do appreciate the core fans who buy their games – without ‘appreciating’ them through their wallet. Not to mention, it’s just a little bit of fun.

The benefit of this one (at least over the Destiny one) is that the heart attack will only happen as a result of the game if you are prone to scares… not because you have drunk your heart into overdrive with the sugar rush.

All in all… well played Techland!

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