Action-RPG-MMO, quite the mouthful isn’t it?

Yet that’s how I’d best describe Devilian, the latest MMO to come out from Trion Worlds, who have also made games like Rift, Defiance and Trove.


Announced today with the reveal trailer above, Devilian is a third-person MMO that does away with tab-targeting and instead focuses on quickly-casted abilities that damage enemies around you. For control, if you’re thinking along the lines of Diablo then you’d be on the right tracks.

The quirk however comes in each character’s ‘Devilian’ form. Now, your character in-game comes from a race of people called Devilians, which were instrumental in maintaining the balance between humans and monsters in the realm. They were awoken from their slumber in times of need and have saved the world many times over. As the story begins though, it’s been a long time since the Devilians were awoken and their existence faded to myth. As a result, their coming has been met with distrust.


Thing is, Devilians have a powered-up form called Devilian Form which allows it to dish out all manners of powerful attacks. In-game, this means that once you’re charged up you can transform into this bad-ass form and deal out all kinds of punishment.

As with an MMO, the usual instanced dungeons and PvP/PvE scenarios are all coming to Devilian, with 3-player dungeons and 9-player raids currently on the drawing board.

Early impressions from a demo shown to me earlier makes it an interesting MMO for those who like to slash scores of monsters to pieces as they turn up. A lot more monsters were on the screen at any one time during the time my eyes were on the game, and damage counters were everywhere. This gives it a rather satisfying look when you score mega-critical damage against your enemies.


The Devilian form effectively gives your character another hot-bar full of awesome abilities when you need to dish out that extra damage. The potential for use of this could be quite powerful, especially when it comes to taking on the more powerful bosses in-game.

Devilian is currently under development for PC and you can register your interest in taking part in the beta over at