Ubisoft announced that players of the first closed beta for Might and Magic Heroes VII clocked inmore than 48,000 hours and competing in more than 800,000 fights. During those two weeks, players had the opportunity to discover the unique units and gameplay of the Haven and Academy factions.

Following this success, Ubisoft has planned a second closed which beta will take place soon. The factions available in this second beta will be chosen by players themselves via the game’s community portal: The Shadow Council. This forum offers a direct line for fans to get involved with the game’s production, as their comments and votes are taken into consideration in real time by the development team. Each member of the Shadow Council will choose two of their favourite factions: Sylvan, Dungeon, Stronghold and Necropolis, and the two most popular units will be available to play during the second closed beta in addition to Haven and Academy.

Might and Magic Heroes VII will be available exclusively for PC in September 2015.