Trials Fusion is the one game that I know can almost reduce a grown man to tears from the sheer defeat and frustration that it can bring. I am not even exaggerating… I’ve seen it up close.

That same grown man actually ended up stripping off down to his boxers because the game caused him to put on such a sweat.

Thankfully, I wasn’t that man. I wasn’t just looking in a mirror – it was my good friend Dean. We are still good friends but not in that ‘he must have undressed with him’ kind of way. He just couldn’t get to grips with the Trials mechanics when going for perfect runs…

The game is so addictive that it didn’t stop him trying and it was addicting to watch that I downloaded the last instalment and the accompanying season pass!

Rather embarrassing story to share for a simple news article so I’ll swiftly move on and get down to the game itself.

It’s an interesting take for Trial Fusion to take but Awesome Level MAX looks about as addictive as always.


Ride into the sunset, loop the loops, ever changing scenery or to certain death… but do it with your choice on either horseback (unicorn even) or bike.

Expect to see this July 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.