Codemasters revealed a new partnership with FIA World Rallycross Championship in order to bring new content to DiRT Rally. The first stage of this partnership will see RX Supercars, tracks and racing modes implemented into the game as part of Codemasters’ commitment to deliver regular content updates during the game’s Early Access phase on Steam.

Boasting more raw power and acceleration than most other motorsports, Rallycross Supercars accelerate from 0-60mph in under two seconds from the green light, tackling jumps and ruts and effortlessly drifting around corners across both dirt and tarmac.

Gamers will soon be able to drive a choice selection of these cars for themselves across three different game modes and experience the sheer speed, action, dynamism and performance that go to make World RX one of the fastest growing and most exciting motorsports in the world. As with previous updates, this new content will be available free of charge.

DiRT Rally’s Lead Designer, Paul Coleman, commented: “From the outset we wanted DiRT Rally to be the ultimate off-road racer and to fulfill that vision we knew we had to include World RX. Since the launch in Early Access back in April we have continued to add new, diverse content to the game and World RX will add another dimension that will challenge even the most experienced players.”

At the World RX round in Sweden over the weekend, the Championship’s top drivers were able to test drive virtual versions of the six hundred bhp RX Supercars that compete in the World Championship.

“Codemasters have done a brilliant job – the details is very realistic and not far from real life,” explained Team Volkswagen Sweden’s Johan Kristoffersson, who is currently second in the overall World RX drivers’ standings. “As drivers we are always wanting to change the smallest things with our cars, but this version is very good. There are just a couple of tweaks that need to be made and then I think it will be just like driving the real thing.”