What is easily one of the largest gaming events in the world, gamescom, is set to feature a massive presence from Square Enix this year. Earlier, the company announced its plans for what it’ll be showing at Cologne this year. Here’s what those travelling to the Koelnmesse will expect to see.

Final Fantasy!

Square Enix are going especially big with the RPG franchise. To begin with, the PC version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be playable, along with the return of the Final Fantasy XIV Battle Arena. With the new expansion Heavensward released to the masses, the challenge this year will focus on two of the new primals introduced in this expansion: Ravana and Bismarck.

(As you may recall, I’m more than a bit partial to FFXIV. So expect to see yours truly checking it out)

The FFXIV Battle Challenge at gamescom in 2014

The FFXIV Battle Challenge at gamescom in 2014

However, the big spotlight on the Final Fantasy franchise will be on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. A special and “huge” stage will be dedicated to FFXV, with details on the schedule coming up in due course. For those who have yet to pick up Final Fantasy Type-0, game stations will be set up to play the demo: Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae 2.0.

Also from Square Enix Japan…

From the Eastern arm of Square Enix, another RPG will be playable at gamescom. the upcoming action RPG Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, will also be playable.

Looking Westwards

From other studios at Square Enix, visitors will also able to see the latest games and get hands-on time with others. On-stage demonstrations are scheduled for Hitman and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, whilst games such as Life is Strange, Just Cause 3 and mobile titles Lara Croft: Relic Run and Hitman GO will all be playable at the show.


Hole burning in your wallet?

Square Enix have also confirmed that their popular merchandising arm will be opening a stall at gamescom’s shopping district. Amongst the core range, the following nifty items will be available for purchase ahead of their public release:

  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Play Arts Kai Cloud
  • Metal Gear Solid V Play Arts Kai Venom Snake (Limited colour version, gamescom exclusive)
  • Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Original Soundtrack