I have a short and sweet update for you today folks…

EA are back on the scene with yet another simulation game, The Sims 4: Get Together.

The popular life simulator will see players once again delve into the world of The Sims and expanding on the format once again. This time, you can take your family/characters out clubbing with a solid mix of different clubs featuring various personality styles, interests and behaviours.

Are you a rocker at heart?
Or maybe a disco diva?

Find out what suits you and your Sims with the new expansion.
If you don’t fit in anywhere… it’s ok. Honest.

In the event you are so wonderfully unique and non-conformist – why not create and customise your own club to go against the grain?


That’s right… you can give the middle finger to the conformists by virtually simulating your inner Fleetwood Mac and going your own way…

And with that… the tumbleweed is in full swing and I can sorrowfully state that I’m sorry for the awful reference and terrible joke.

I’ll make it up to you by giving you the following link where you can read more.